• Tagine Flame
  • Tagine Red

Inspired by the slowly simmered, heavily seasoned cuisines indigenous to North Africa, the Moroccan tagine is a classic example of form following function. Its distinctive lid allows for the constant return of condensation to the base, moistening ingredients and tenderizing tough fibers within the meat. And because it’s crafted from durable cast iron, the tagine retains heat longer and cooks food more evenly and thoroughly.

Traditional Moroccan tagines (the dish is named for the cookware) typically include a combination of braised meat and fragrant spices like cinnamon, saffron and ginger. It can also be used to traditional Chinese dishes as well.


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Product Information

Diameter Capacity Weight Colours Available
27cm 2 L 3.69 kg  
31cm 3.3 L 4.95 kg