Set of 2 Soup Bowl

Serving soup at the table is made elegant with a stoneware soup bowl. The dense but lightweight stoneware keeps soup warm, while the handles and steady lid prevent spills.

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Product Information

Product Name Diameter Capacity Weight
Set of 2 Soup Bowl - 0.5 L 1.2 Kg

Product List

Rectangular Dish

Le Creuset stoneware dishes are versatile, multi-purpose designs that offer all the even-heating benefits to fit nearly any baking recipes.

Oval Dish

Each dish features grooved handles for a sure grip, plus Le Creuset’s glazed interior protects against utensil damage and staining.

Set of 2 Soup Bowl

The deep, round body of our soup bowl circulates heat slowly and evenly, while a slightly narrower neck minimizes moisture evaporation and heat loss.

Rice Bowl

Le Creuset's rice bowl perfectly matches the most dinnerware, with their distinctive colours. It is an ideal for small portions of rice.

Mini Wok

Designed as a fun, decorative addition to the table, the stoneware wok dish features the same sweeping contours of the cast iron wok.

Set of 2 Flower Dish

The flower dish creates a beautiful presentation on your dining table. It is ideal for desserts and storage and they come in a set of 2.

Set of 5 Mini Flower Bowl

The mini flower bowls match perfectly with the flower bowls and plates, collect a whole set and display them to show all yours friends.