A practical casserole in
well-designed shape and size promises
an enjoyable culinary experience.

A user-friendly kitchen utensil
designed for cooking beginners
and seasoned chefs alike.

Achieve your favourite cuisine,
whether it is claypot rice, soups, curry
or deep fried dishes.

Product Information

Product Story

Asian cuisines stem from unique traditions of culinary methods. In order to
enable you to bring Asian gastronomy to life, Le Creuset worked with cookware
craftsmen in France on developing a brand new piece of enameled Cast Iron
Introducing Cocotte Every - an indispensable casserole so versatile that it works
great for everyone’s use in every effort of every dish everyday.

Product Features

  • Heat and Steam Convection
  • A deep casserole with round bottom and domed lid distributes heat evenly
    throughout the interior, cooking ingredients by convection of heat and steam
    and perfecting your favorite flavors.
  • Space-conscious Craftsmanship
  • Conceived with a space-conscious approach, the exquisitely compact Cocotte Every can be stored and used with ease in your kitchen.
  • Designed with Depth
  • Deep in volume, small in size, this casserole enables you to accomplish a variety of dishes - claypot rice, stewing, soup-making, deep frying and more.

  • Black Interior
  • Applying the classic Le Creuset design feature in Marmite and Grill, higher
    temperatures can be achieved with the Black Enamelled interior design, making it
    perfect for frying, especially for users new to Enamelled Cast Iron products.
  • Inner Lid
  • Inspired by Japanese earthen pots, the stoneware inner lid prevents liquid from
    boiling over. Cooking simplified with ease of mind!
  • *The Cocotte Every and Inner Lid are sold separately.

Simple Cooking Recipes